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"Replace 'I' with 'we' and 'illness' becomes 'wellness'.
Swami Satchidananda



Therapeutic Bodywork

Dear Sue,
As you know when we first met I was in extreme pain from a trapped nerve in my neck and to be honest wasn't entirely sure I would find the experience positive. How wrong I was! Not only did you gently support me physically I realised straight away you were helping my mental health and tackling some underlying stress issues that I was carrying in various parts of my body.

Having regular sessions with you for a year now has helped me think differently about my body and you have reminded me I know my body I've just forgotten to really listen to it in recent years.
You have guided me to a deeper understanding of how stress can affect my body and supported me to change my behaviours in often very small ways which have resulted in dramatic improvement.
You have given me my confidence back in my ability to manage my body and my health which is an amazing feeling thank you!
I so look forward to our sessions and regard them now as an integral part of my well being toolkit to keep me as active as I need to be. There is something about investing in myself which means I am able to support my family and friends in the way that I want without carrying about loads of stress!

Finally thank you for your generosity of spirit and unique skills and I look forward to our continuing journey to good health in mind and body.

J.V. (Female)


I went to have a consultation with Sue Matthews for treatment of an injured shoulder and ongoing back problems.

For a number of years I had been suffering with fairly chronic back pain. Having osteoporosis, my back had become unstable and I started to get shooting pain more frequently. I was concerned that without ongoing exercise, my back muscles would weaken and more back damage or pain was likely.

What I really wanted was good back health for life and safe exercises that I could do to build up the weak spots on my back. I went to see Sue Matthews and I found her treatment both gentle and in-tune with my body. Using the exercises she gave me, I have had massive ongoing benefit to my back health.

At the time of the treatment, I also had a very sore shoulder. This was an old injury that would get inflamed every time I undertook any exercise. The treatment was fascinating; Sue applying pressure to a place far from my shoulder would suddenly trigger a sensation in my shoulder. She asked me to do some slow and steady movements whilst she applied pressure to these areas. What was truly amazing were the results I have had after her administrations. I have had no reoccurrence of my shoulder pain since, despite undertaking exercise that used to aggravate it.

I am so grateful for the treatments Sue has given and the massive improvement I have had since. I would truly recommend seeking Sue’s advice and treatment even when you think pain is chronic and unlikely to improve. The results have been amazing – a wonderful feeling after so long spent with pain and discomfort. Many thanks!

H.S. (Female, 30's)


“I have been having problems with my back for years, but that all changed after I met Sue and started a course of treatment with her in November 2007.

She took the time to discover and understand why my back was reacting in the way it did. Over a series of treatments she explained why and how she was treating the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms themselves.

The change is immense and I am now virtually pain free. So much better in fact that I was able to train for and participate in the Moon Walk in Edinburgh this year – something I could not have contemplated previously……..26 miles is a long way to walk, especially with a bad back!!

I cannot recommend Sue enough to anyone who is having back problems, or any other aches and pains for that matter. She is so professional and caring, and I knew from the very beginning that I was literally in good hands."

R.M. (Female, 50's)

"I had a mysterious ankle injury and despite seeing three different physiotherapists and a chiropractor it was just getting worse, and I was being reduced to hobbling. I never got a convincing diagnosis, but I was told I may have to have an operation to put it right. My GP referred me to an orthopaedic consultant, and I was waiting for my appointment.

I heard about Sue from a friend and went to see her. She tested out all the moving parts in my legs and ankles very carefully, and then got to work using a kind of massage treatment combined with a tensing and release of each of the muscle groups she was working on. The result quite frankly astonished me - I was able to walk out of the treatment room about 90% pain free after only one session.

None of the previous practitioners I had seen had been able to give me any relief at all - one had even not bothered to try any treatment as she believed only an operation would work. I am so grateful to Sue - I only wish I had known about her sooner. Now I can actually imagine myself running again, which was unthinkable to me just a week ago."

D.W. (Male, 50's)


Sue Matthews' massage and bodywork therapy has been a saving grace! I recently moved to Edinburgh from Canada and was apprehensive about finding a good practitioner as I suffer from chronic upper neck-back pain, and need message therapy done on a regular basis. In all of my experience in massage therapy as a client or patient, Ms. Matthews is by far the best practitioner and professional I have ever encountered. She is very knowledgeable about the body and is very reflective in her approach to my therapy. I always feel relaxed, refreshed and better during and several days after our treatment. The Natural Health Clinic is an asset to Edinburgh and Sue Matthews' is a treasure!

P.M. (Female, 30's)


Just wanted to let you know how good I felt yesterday evening and today after last night’s massage. I intend to write something for your testimonial page as I am so impressed that bodywork had such an emotional and cleansing effect. It was rather amusing on the bus on the way home because not only did I want to keep happily sighing I discovered a range of movement in my neck I never knew I had so kept moving it to prove I still could! I’m sure I can’t normally turn as far without having to turn my upper body – I’ve been showing people all day!! Most of them think I’m crazy but one of my work pals who gets sore shoulders and neck asked for your contact details as she was so impressed!!!!

And today was full of meetings but I seemed to be letting it wash over me!!

Thank you and see you on 23rd!


S.T. (Female, 30's)



Since I have been receiving treatments from Paul I have felt definate improvements – my stress levels are so much lower, I feel calm, good in myself and able to cope with anything.
Before each session Paul explains the positioning of the needles and the theory of how they will provide the body with the maximum stimulus to improve health. It is so wonderful to have someone who understands about how my condition affects me personally, and I finally feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A.M. (Female 60’s)


Since attending Paul’s clinic we have addressed some long standing health issues and complaints. I continue to attend regular appointments to maintain my sense of wellbeing. His depth of knowledge about Chinese medicine continually amazes me and I always leave the clinic feeling relaxed and re-invigorated.

L.A. (Male 30’s)


I have had past experience of “needle therapy” dispensed by two keen NHS physiotherapists which had proved to be moderately beneficial to me. However, I had not imagined the extent of acupuncture’s power when it is administered by a gifted specialist.
In the initial down-to-earth consultation Paul’s detailed, intuitive questioning formed a holistic view of my underlying health and lifestyle. His knowledgeable insights allowed him to analyse not just the obvious symptoms, but the root causes of ailments that had troubled me for a considerable time.
Armed with this information Paul was able to develop a series of carefully personalised "prescriptions".
In the subsequent sessions he inserted each hair-thin steel needle with gentle precision, to a position and depth that he always checked and fine-tuned to my responses.
For me, the sensation is akin to sprouting cat’s whiskers with each strand transmitting tiny tingling pulses to unexpected points in the body’s internal circuitry. Not at all unpleasant, every treatment ultimately induces a state of deep relaxation.
The surprise bonus is in the sense of well-being and empowerment that has been achieved through acupuncture with none of the harmful side effects of conventional drug therapy. His accurate diagnoses supported by his regular injections of humour continue to stitch some vitality back into my life.

M.A. (Female 50’s)


I just wanted to put a few words on paper, partly to say thanks for the last few weeks. The only expectation I had when we began treatment was that I would gain a better understanding of my condition. To say that your treatment was beyond expectations was an understatement. I could not believe the immediate impact your intervention made and of course, each successive treatment brought improvement, not just to my presenting complaint, but my general health. But it was not just the treatment that made it such a positive experience, it was the way you explained the how and why of the treatments. For the first time in my life, I think, I had a medical professional look at the cause rather than treat the symptom.
You really shine within your role, not just medically, but in your manner and this is not just an asset to you, but is going to help all your patients gain a better understanding of themselves.
I wish you all the best, Paul. This is the best I have felt in years and that comes down to you.

D. Mc. (Male 50’s)

Please note that we have adapted these testimonials in order to comply with recent changes in advertising law. We are no longer able to mention specific conditions.


I was not even sure I could handle someone touching my feet but Sue immediately put me at ease. The gentle pressure coaxed me into a deep state of relaxation and I returned home with my toes tingling and my feet feeling mobile for the first time in years! My wife was so impressed with the changes she noticed in me that she promptly booked herself in to see Sue!

I. B (Male 40's)


No more IBS for me - finally a treatment that not only works, but brings me right back into my skin. My new years resolution is to take care of me a little better and Reflexology is one of the ways I intend to do this.

E. McA (Female 40's)


"My feet feel A1, thankyou Sue! The treatment was so relaxing."

D.M (female, 70's)


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