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Reflexology in Edinburgh

INSIGHTS from your therapist:

Our feet have thousands of nerve endings - those who are ticklish will be especially aware of foot sensitivity. As we begin to reduce tensions held in the tissues of the feet, we not only increase circulation, we also gently coax the nervous system into a more relaxed state. Many patients are surprised to discover that they have drifted off to sleep during a Reflexology treatment and then delighted to report that they have slept soundly the night of a session. Sounds good to me ZZZZzzzzz.

Love your feet, love your health and love your life.

Reflexology for reducing stress

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment of the feet. Health and well-being is supported by improving the connection and ‘flow’ in the body. When the Reflexologist applies gentle pressure to the reflexes of the feet, the parasympathetic nervous system (our more relaxed state of being) is stimulated, initiating our innate healing mechanisms in the body and improving health.

The organs and systems of the body are mapped out on the feet. By working on a particular reflex (defined point), the Reflexologist intends to connect awareness to the corresponding part of the body. This process increases blood circulation, aiding self-awareness, nutrition of tissues and reducing tension/blockages to health.

Due to the interconnectedness of the body/mind/emotions, it is possible to improve your state of mind using the body and vice versa. As a result of these connections, Reflexology can be used to support people suffering from conditions ranging from stress and anxiety to asthma and digestive problems.


What to expect in a session?

A Reflexology appointment lasts approximately one hour. Your first session will begin with a full consultation where you will discuss your health history, lifestyle and health concerns. This enables the practitioner to assess your needs and tailor the treatment to suit you.

You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks before making yourself comfortable on the massage couch or chair. As you relax and unwind, the practitioner will loosen the joints of the feet and ankles and work through the reflexes.

You will be asked for feedback about the pressure and any sensations that you experience. Reflexology is very relaxing, however some prefer a more dynamic or ‘moving’ treatment with deeper pressure. The practitioner will ask and adapt to suit your needs.

Working the spinal reflexes reduces muscle tension
Reflexology improves mobility in the joints of the feet and ankles


Reflexology is relaxing

It is not uncommon to feel sleepy during and after treatment. Rest and relaxation are both required for healing, which is why Reflexology is recommended for reducing stress.

Improved circulation

One of the key aims is to enhance blood flow which leads to improved function in all systems of the body. When fresh blood is supplied to an organ it is more effective at its job. This in turn supports the systems that the organ is connected to.

Holistic approach

Working on one part affects the whole. Reflexology offers a gentle approach to better health by acknowledging the whole, interconnected person; body, mind and soul.




To book your Reflexology appointment at the natural health clinic, simply call or email Sue

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Please ask your practitioner for updated prices and payment options when you book your appointment.

Reflexology - for relaxation and stress reduction