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Myofascial release and soft tissue massage in Edinburgh

INSIGHTS from your therapist:

Connective tissue dysfunction can often be the source of undiagnosed musculoskeletal pain conditions. We see many patients who are keen to come off the long-term use of pain-reducing medication and want to understand and treat the root cause of a pain/tension. The soft tissues can be confusing with multiple pain sites and referal patterns causing mixed signals throughout the body. Taking time to unpack these patterns requires patience, awareness and often the support of a skilled practitioner.

Did you know that our muscles and associated fascia (our connective tissue layer) is our largest sensory organ? This may help you to understand why, when our tissues are dysfunctional, that we can feel pain, fatigue and often mixed emotional states as our central nervous system becomes overwhelmed with signals.


We all live, move and breathe differently. This means that many of us find, at some point in our lives, that we suffer with aches, pains or restrictions in our tissues. Bodywork aims to release tension, bring awareness to weak muscles and support the individual back to their own natural fluidity and health.

We will discuss your lifestyle and any symptoms and how they affect you. This may include a mix of pain, stress, stiffness, muscle tension patterns, postural/functional difficulties or emotional distress. You may be looking for some relaxation, to ease a chronic pain pattern, or to learn new ways to reconnect to your experience of your body.

Using a sensitivity of touch that comes from extensive training and over two decades of experience, your therapist will draw from hands-on techniques and awareness practices to support ease in the soft tissues. The Bodywork practitioner aims to reawaken your relationship to your own felt-sense of your body and movement. This process involves your input, engagement and feedback.

Bodywork enhances your ability to move through your daily life with more ease.



Therapeutic bodywork

Therapeutic Bodywork encompasses


Myofascial release

Neuromuscular therapy

Muscle Energy Techniques

Sports/Deep tissue techniques

Progressive relaxation approaches:

Positional release/breathwork/awareness exercises

Back massage


Each session lasts approximately one hour. At your first appointment, a detailed health and lifestyle history will be taken to enable the practitioner to tailor the treatments to your needs. It may be necessary for your practitioner to assess your posture/movements/breathing depending upon the nature of your complaint.

In close communication with you, your practitioner will devise a treatment plan, which may include myofascial release, massage, active/passive movements, gentle manipulations, stretching, discussion and breathwork.

You will be discreetly covered with sheets/towels and your comfort will be the priority throughout the session.



Health is improved through restful treatments releasing the body from chronic pain.

Daily living is greatly enhanced by the ability to move through life with less effort.

Movement with increased ease leads to mental clarity and a state of calm, which in turn improves physical health, creating a cycle of improvement for the whole person.

Therapeutic Bodywork offers you new ways to experience your body, opening doors to a greater sense of health and aliveness.



Deep myofascial realease




To book your Bodywork appointment at the natural health clinic, simply call or email Sue

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Please ask for updated prices and payment options when you book.

Appointments are approximately one hour, however please allow a little extra time at your first visit. This gives us a little more time to get to know you better so that we can build a more effective working relationship.

Therapeutic Bodywork - for flexibility in movement and thought