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Community Clinic

Affordable Acupuncture with Paul Reynolds BSc hons.  

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to keep folk fit and healthy, mobile and pain-free. The Community Clinic has been set-up to enable more people to access this wonderful treatment with a first-class practitioner.

So what makes the Community Clinic different to my normal Acupuncture appointment?

Cheaper - only £25* (see note below)

Shorter - appointments are a maximum of 45mins

Community - you may not be the only person receiving Acupuncture from Paul as he will work between 2 rooms. (If you have a complicated health history you will find the one-to-one sessions more appropriate and useful as the Community clinic is aimed at simple issues that need regular sessions.)

Entitlement - everyone welcome! There are no income restrictions.

Availability - this clinic is booked on a first-come basis.

Appointments - Thursdays from 3pm.

The Community Clinic is about getting your community healthy. By sharing Chinese medicine and philosophy with as many of you as possible, Paul hopes to expand our ability to take care of ourselves and each other a little better!

To book your appointment, please call Paul on 07906166110 and mention the Community Clinic. (Otherwise your appointment will be booked at the full session rate of £50).

*Please note that if you have not been treated by Paul before, your first session will need to be one-to-one (charged at the full rate of £50) to enable time for Paul to take a full consultation and get to know you a little. This is a great way to discover if Acupuncture is right for you and if your case is appropriate for the Community Clinic set-up.