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The natural health clinic offers therapeutic approaches to health. We provide Acupuncture, Reflexology and Therapeutic Bodywork with Myofascial Release in Edinburgh.

Natural Health in 2019

We are often asked by our patients for advice on how to look after health during the colder winter months. It can be useful to remember that along with our natural environment, our bodies are designed to rest and restore during the colder months.

We sometimes feel a little more tired so getting more sleep can make a huge difference. Eating warming foods like soups and stews, where the body has less to do to process and absorb the nutrients, can be useful. As always, remembering to stay well hydrated keeps the systems of the body functioning optimally.

To support circulation and therefore boosting the immune system, you have a pick of any of the treatments that we offer at the Natural Health Clinic. This is especially helpful if pain or discomfort are preventing you from exercising regularly.

Wishing you all the best for 2019!

Sue and Paul

"In life, as in music...

...the rests are as important as the notes."



We welcome you to call us to make an appointment - please do leave us your full name and number as we may be consulting at the time of your enquiry. We currently offer appointments Monday-Friday and will endeaver to return your calls/messages at our earliest opportunity during working hours.

We are happy to chat to you if you are unsure which of our treatments might suit you best. Give Sue a call for advice on:

077 468 900 48

When you arrive for your appointment, please enter the code you were given when you booked your appointment and simply take a seat in the waiting room. Your practitioner will find you there at your allocated appointment time. We look forward to welcoming you to our lovely clinic at:

1 Kirkwood Place, Edinburgh EH7 5TG


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